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To Guys don’t want to be classified as genre directors and approach every project from a different angle. But all of their films are driven by electrifying pictures and a sense for good storytelling. That’s why we love them. To Guys are Alessandro de Leo and Alex Avella, two young directors from Italy, who have been working as a duo for many years.  


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To Guys


Hypno has directed over 50 music videos and more than 150 commercials in many different countries. He began his career with music videos, quickly earning a reputation for beautifully crafted and engaging narratives. He’s still involves in this side of the industry, shooting videos for Romanian bands including Parov Stelar. He also directs fashion films, which have made the official selection in fashion film festivals. Hypno’s success in music videos led to further work in television commercials, where he made an impact directing innovative and award-winning projects. Originally from Romania, Hypno continued his education at New York Film Academy in 2006.

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